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Why Fever Notes ?

Hello! My name is Alex and i have 3 kids.

Taking care of them is awesome but not so easy, specially when they get sick and need all of your attention. Since me and my wife both do the job of taking care, measuring fever, taking them to doctor and give them medicine, we found that it will be much easier if we have an app to help us in that time.

We tried few ones but end up not using them because it didn't help us after all because we still have to tell each other about the fever progress when one of us is away.. And that's not cool.

That's why we decided to make this app with a collaboration feature that really made the difference. Now i can see how the fever progress is going just after my wife add it on her iPhone. When i'm at work or in another place, i don't have to call or message her anymore !

We spend more than a year working on this app to make it the best app to help parents taking notes of their children's fever. We hope you like it :)

* Don't want collaboration? No problem. Fever Notes also works without sharing anything.

Fever Notes

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